Ever feel frustrated about where to buy local, sustainably sourced food in your neighborhood? Which local businesses or organizations to support the climate issues you care about? Or maybe you’re trying to make more daily sustainable decisions, but not sure where to start?

This starter kit provides support and a framework to build your own Sustainable Guide for your cities/communities. Join our community so we can connect and help you build your guide!

Feel free to duplicate any templates from this guide for your own use.

Step-by-step Guide

🎉 Party Program Workshop

📄 Presentation Deck

💡 MURAL Main Session 3/9

💡 MURAL Breakout (Tables 1-4)

💡 MURAL Breakout (Tables 5-8)

🧠 MURAL Brainstorm Template

🔍 Research

Survey Template

📊 Survey Results from LA's almanac

🧠 MURAL Brainstorm Template

🗓️ Project Management

📞 Call for Volunteers Post templates

👥**. Volunteer Onboarding Deck**

🗂. Project tracking template

👩🏽‍🌾 LA Urban Farmers Almanac

🌇. Digital PDF of Almanac

💰 Grants/Funding

📣 PR + Distribution

📝 Content & Design

Content Outline

📑 Almanac Content (text only)

🕶. Style Guide

💼 InDesign Packaged File

🤝 Community Support

🌍 Circle on CD Mighty Networks

🌱 She Grows Cities

<aside> ⬆️ Contact us! We're here to help :)


<aside> 🌱 This guide is created with 💚 by Margaret To, Margie Peng, and Rachel Cellinese from Climate Designers Los Angeles Chapter in collaboration with She Grows Cities.